loewe zur seeWhat must be chic and noble for some, is a commodity that has been at home on the oceans for centuries at the company C. Lütters & Cie. The company on the Bismarkstraße has a lion as a trademark, and so their products are called especially among sailors and all the Löwenmesser. A knife that is even described on the "Gera". The old fishing trawler, who used to go fishing in the service of the former GDR and is now anchored as a museum ship in Bremerhafen in the fishing port, visited by thousands every year.

With the simple, sharp salute from Solingen you fillet not only in the former GDR fishing areas, but today still on all oceans the caught fish. Especially the captains of the coastal fishing belong to the Lütters customers. About 40 percent of the shipments are delivered to Scandinavia and Great Britain, where the Solingen working knives are used to gut the fish.

But we also deliver to the Mediterranean and even to Namibia," says company boss Wilhelm Backhaus. The company produces around 60,000 pieces of these knives annually. In the catalog of the Bismarkstraße with sailor, Kehl or Dorschmesser several special knives are offered. Knives, which incidentally also like to be used in agriculture.

Lütters also has a pocket knife line. The company, founded in 1840, still exists today at its founding location. In addition to CEO Backhaus, who took over the company in 1972 from his father in law, working with daughter Susanne and son Manuel as a limited partner and a eight part time staff in the team which is including even rarer specialists for making and fine splicing the knife.